Our Food

We believe that food should be good, clean and fair. For us this means that we aim to offer delicious and innovative dishes from all over the world (good) made with fresh, high quality ingredients produced nearby by sustainable agriculture (clean), and paid for at a fair price for the farmer with minimum of intermediaries (fair). We are blessed to live in Chiang Rai and should be proud of our local produce and our farmers!

We believe that food should be made by hand and not by machines, made slowly, fresh with care and respect. We grow most of our own rice ourselves in the Doi Mae Salong area of Chiang Rai and all our coffee, fruit, vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken and eggs are locally produced supporting the Chiang Rai community. We constantly source local producers who meet our requirements on quality, sustainability and fair trade, however we can always be better and we will never be finished!

As we aim to follow normal growing seasons the menu at Chivit Thamma Da will change frequently meaning not only a good, clean and fair meal but also an ever changing experience!

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